Legal Video

You need more than a commanding voice and some pictures on poster board to keep the attention of today’s jurors. Effective litigators incorporate video from discovery into their openings, closing and cross-examinations. You should video-record every deposition that you take. The reality is that the majority of human communication is non-verbal: tone and volume or voice, hand gestures, eye movement, face coloration and other non-verbals tell you far more about what a person is saying than the actual words they choose. Here is how we can help:

  1. We have the largest staff of in-house videographers in the United States. All our videographers are trained employees who are ready to help.
  2. While many of our videographers are based in in Indiana, Illinois, and New York, we have video staff across all of the United States. If you do find a location where we do not have videographers, we are happy to travel.
  3. Working video. We offer low cost video solutions for cases on a tight budget. We also recommend that, if you have to choose between a digital reporter and a videographer, you go with the videographer. We can always transcribe a video to create a transcript.
  4. Zoom, WebEx and Online Video Solutions. We were the first court reporting company to call for online depositions as a solution to the Covid outbreak back in late February of 2020. Since that time, we have taken more than 40,000 remote depositions across the United States.

Give us a call to discuss our affordable trial-ready video solutions.